Get Involved


Are you interested in bringing Legacies to your school or college? We are looking for teachers, professors, principals, deans and superintendents who are enthusiastic about the prospect of helping their communities while teaching students valuable lessons that can’t be found in a textbook.

Elder Communities

Do you frequent a senior center or work for or reside in an elder community which would benefit from Legacies? We’d love to hear from you!


Interested in sponsoring an installation of The Legacies Project?
Here are some options to think about:
Age of students: Would you like your sponsored installation to take place at the high school or college level?

Focus: The benefits of The Legacies Project come from the process of elders’ life review. However, there is room for personalization. If there is a theme or common background you would like to focus on, let us know, and we will do our best to meet your goals.

Don’t have a specific school in mind? Then consider a general donation to Legacies. Every dollar contributed goes to grow our organization to benefit more students and elders and to continue to expand and improve our archive.

Partnering Organizations

Organizations such as museums, television stations and after-school programs are always welcome to get involved with the Legacies Project! Maybe you run a museum and would like to create an exhibit based on Legacies, or work for a television station that is interested in broadcasting student videos. If you think your organization would work well as a Legacies partner, contact us!